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Financial Resolutions for New Year

financial resolutionsThis time of the year is always rather costly. With Christmas presents to buy, Christmas parties to attend, extra food and drink to buy for visiting relatives, the list goes on. It can become rather daunting and we can easily lose sight of budgets and financial plans during the festive season. However, tomorrow will still arrive after the Christmas lights have been taken down and the world goes back to normal, so why not take a look at how you are managing your personal finances; following some simple suggestions will help you to create your Personal Finance Resolutions, putting you in a better financial situation for the year ahead.

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Stepping onto the Property Ladder

Nov17Stepping onto the property ladder is a dream that most of us hope for but many feel is out of reach. Over the years house prices have increased, as well as the cost of living making it a real mission to be in a position to buy property. This is especially so in certain areas such as the Cotswolds, where rural house prices are around 19 times higher than average earnings, averaging at around £345,000.

It is easy to feel deterred; however hope is not all lost. Despite the average deposit increases to £32,000 last year, the amount of first-time buyers actually increased by 7%! There are many schemes and offers out there to assist people in getting on the property ladder and into the house market, as well as simple savings that can make this dream a reality.

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Nightmares to avoid with your Finances

finance nightmares to avoid

It can be a worry when dealing with finances that you may make the wrong choice, whether it be with an investment opportunity, a house purchase or other financial decisions. So, with Halloween around the corner, we thought that we would take a look at some of the nightmares that you should avoid with your finances, to help you in making the right decisions for you and your financial situation.

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Investing your Finances

Investing your finances

It can be a nerve-wracking thing, pondering over whether to invest your finances and where to invest. There are two main things an investment can do; generate a regular income or build your capital over time. Perhaps you are looking for some personal finance advice after being in receipt of some inheritance, have sold a property or have had a win-fall? It can be daunting considering your options, and making sense of the best places to invest your finances, leaving you in need of some investment advice. Fear not. Here is some investment advice and tips on where to invest your finances.

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How to begin Will Planning

Writing a WillSomething we can all be sure of is that at some point we will die. It is not a very nice subject to talk about but a necessary part of our financial planning and administration. It is important that you make a will to outline where your assets are to go, when you pass away. Here we will look at will writing and will planning, to assist you in creating a will that you are happy with, safe in the knowledge that when you are no longer here, your wishes in relation to your assets will be allocated as you have instructed.

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