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New Year Savings and Expenditure Planning

cotswold finincial planning blogThis time of year is always an expensive one. With an average spend of around £850 on Christmas in the UK, many of us spend more than we actually have at Christmas, leaving January a time of paying off debts on credit cards and finance.

This year, why not make a change and put a plan in place to ensure that when Christmas comes around next year, you will not be out of pocket as you can plan to save enough to cover the costs in advance, leaving you debt-free.

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Financial Resolutions for New Year

financial resolutionsThis time of the year is always rather costly. With Christmas presents to buy, Christmas parties to attend, extra food and drink to buy for visiting relatives, the list goes on. It can become rather daunting and we can easily lose sight of budgets and financial plans during the festive season. However, tomorrow will still arrive after the Christmas lights have been taken down and the world goes back to normal, so why not take a look at how you are managing your personal finances; following some simple suggestions will help you to create your Personal Finance Resolutions, putting you in a better financial situation for the year ahead.

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Managing your Finances this New Year

Financial Plan 2017

With a new year upon us, there has never been a better time to carry out a financial review to get your finances in order. The end of the tax year is creeping up at the end of March and many people will leave it until the last minute to make sure everything is in order.
So why not move now to get your finances sorted in good time, avoiding the rush at the eleventh hour.

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