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What are ISAs and are they worth having?

ISAThere are many ways to save money and one popular choice is that of an Individual Savings Account, or ISA. ISAs are very similar to regular savings accounts, except you do not pay tax on the interest that you earn.

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End of Year Tax Planning

end of year tax planningWith the end of the tax year looming, if you haven’t already done so, now is an opportune time to ensure that you are making the most of your tax-saving allowances. To avoid missing out on any tax-saving opportunities you need to act before the 5th April.

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Life Planning & Financial Planning for 2018

life planningSo, it’s a new year and all the usual new year’s resolutions are thrown into the fray, wanting to lose weight, keeping fit, saving more... a month later and nothing has changed. Wouldn’t it be great to take on a new year's resolution that you can actually achieve this year!? A positive, potentially life-changing resolution for you and your family.
Creating a Financial Plan this year may not sound like the most exciting thing to do, but it really can be created in six steps, and if followed will really be worth your while.

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How the Stamp Duty cuts can help First Time Buyers

Stamp Duty CutsBuying a property is a big decision, with many hidden costs or additional fees to take into consideration before you make that step. With the announcement from The Chancellor at the end of 2017 that some Stamp Duty fees were to be removed for first time buyers, this has paved the way to make it a more affordable prospect of getting on the property ladder this year!

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Financial Resolutions for New Year

financial resolutionsThis time of the year is always rather costly. With Christmas presents to buy, Christmas parties to attend, extra food and drink to buy for visiting relatives, the list goes on. It can become rather daunting and we can easily lose sight of budgets and financial plans during the festive season. However, tomorrow will still arrive after the Christmas lights have been taken down and the world goes back to normal, so why not take a look at how you are managing your personal finances; following some simple suggestions will help you to create your Personal Finance Resolutions, putting you in a better financial situation for the year ahead.

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