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Tips On Getting The Best Mortgage Deal

There are so many different options out there on the mortgages market, so it’s incredibly difficult to navigate the maze and find the right one for you. By approaching the task strategically, you can avoid confusion and get the very best deal for your needs.

Follow these simple steps to find the best mortgage deal.

Decide on your mortgage type

Firstly, you’ll need to decide on the type of mortgage you want for your property. Are you going to choose a fixed or variable rate mortgage option? With fixed rate, you know for certain how much your repayment will be, but variable rates can prove to be cheaper in the long run. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a repayment or interest-only mortgage agreement. In most cases, it’ll be repayment. Remember to ensure you have the cash funds to pay fees, and always put as much money down in the deposit as possible.

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8 Tips to Help You Get On the Property Ladder

Here at Cotswold Financial Planning we understand how difficult taking that first step onto the property ladder can be. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top eight tips for making that first step less stressful and more exciting.

“Is that even possible?!” we hear you cry. See for yourselves...

Save, save, save.

Thinking about that shiny new TV again? Or perhaps fancy lawn mower which all the reviews have said you absolutely have to buy? Maybe it shouldn’t be a choice between the two, but a choice between three: TV, lawn mower or a deposit for your new house.

Whilst you may be tempted to splash out each month on luxuries, if you’re wanting to get on the property ladder it’s important to ask yourself whether you can really afford them, or if you should be putting money aside.

Although it might seem hard, think of how much easier it will make your life in the long run with a larger deposit and smaller interest rates.

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The Key to Good Lifestyle Planning

Lifestyle financial planning has become something of a new trend. But don’t make the mistake of labelling it a fad, because it might just be the right approach for you.

What Is Lifestyle Planning?

Lifestyle planning is all about helping you secure the future life you want to lead. Instead of trying to maximise your stock holdings or property portfolio with no concrete objective in sight, lifestyle planning takes a different view.

Instead, you start by identifying your goals for the future and follow up by setting a timeline for achieving them.  

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The Benefits of Independent Financial Advisors

How Independent Financial Planning Helps

If there’s one myth that deserves to be busted it’s that professional financial planning is only for the exceptionally wealthy. In reality, seeking an independent financial planner is something that every person should do.

In a world where it seems everybody wants to take your hard-earned cash, independent financial advisors can offer a sense of control, allowing you to navigate the most important areas of your life while ensuring you have the means to provide for yourself and the ones you love.

The best independent financial advisors will treat you like a person, seek bespoke solutions, and have a firm understanding of legislation as it changes. That’s just for starters, as the following benefits of seeking an independent financial advisor shows.

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What Is An Equity Loan? A Simple Guide

An equity loan is a type of loan designed to help a potential homeowner purchase their dream property.

This type of loan is aimed at buyers who don’t have a large down payment saved up but otherwise have good credit.

In the past these loans were offered by homebuilders to encourage home sales, but with the announcement of England’s new Help to Buy scheme, the government is getting into the equity loan business.

The new programme applies only to newly built homes, but can be a huge aid to families wanting to borrow more than the typical 80 per cent mortgage value.

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