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Homebuilding in the Cotswolds: Current Trends

Current Trends In The Cotswold Homebuilding

With a household growth of 5.3%, a population of 84,000, and large areas of natural beauty intertwined with proximity to large urban areas, the Cotswolds continue to be extremely popular amongst homebuilders. This year will see the completion of developments such as Victory Fields in Upper Rissington,

Moreton Park in Moreton in Marsh, and many others. Meanwhile, exclusive developments such as Cerney on the Water will also be completed, while sales continue of new homes on the Peninsula Landings Lake. So, what are the latest homebuilding trends in this stunning region of the UK? Let’s take a look.

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First-Time Buyers: Defeating the Jargon of Homebuying

So you are thinking of buying your first house, and you’re excited and exhilarated – because it’s a life-changing event! Quite quickly however, excitement can turn to anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed by unfamiliar terminology and confusing financial jargon and before you know it, getting your first foot on the housing ladder has become a stressful experience. Don’t despair! Read the below introduction to home buying terminology and defeat the jargon once and for all.

What Is a Mortgage?

Most first-time buyers will not be able to purchase their home without the help of a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan to pay for your property that is secured against that property. The property belongs to the lender until all the money has been repaid. It is often made up of two parts: the amount of money borrowed (the capital) and the interest charged by the lender until the loan is paid back. The mortgage is paid back over an agreed period of time together with added interest, after which the property then belongs to the buyer.

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The Best Time to Buy a New Home

Questionable Spring

Buying a new home is a lesson in patience, strategy, and keeping your emotions in check. It’s also the single most important purchase you’re ever likely to make.

So, when is the best time to buy your new home and why?

As soon as the dreariness of winter departs, estate agent signs start popping up all over the country. The reason is simple. After months of being cooped up inside, everybody heads out to enjoy the sunshine and fulfil their dreams of buying a new home. After all, who wants to trudge through snow and sleet to look at a home that isn’t right for them? No matter the temptation, or the number of homes on the market, your competition will be fierce so this time of year is best avoided.

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Financial Planning in Schools & Education

Educating About Money

It’s hard to imagine that anything beneficial could have come from the credit crunch. It’s even harder to admit that many Britons are still involved in a difficult cycle of debt and issues with their savings.

However, the introduction of personal finance as a compulsory topic in Britain’s schools offers the potential to change that for future generations.

Here’s why it’s vital, and how improving financial awareness in teenagers will improve their lives.

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The Basics of Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting

Whether you are a small business owner or freelance worker, you need an accurate projection of your income and expenses to make sure that you can stay in business. Cash flow forecasting helps you predict the amount of money your business will earn and spend over a fixed time period. It may sound intimidating, but actually the process is simple and has the added benefit of forcing you to keep good records.

Cash flow forecasting has multiple uses. It can help new businesses plan how much capital they will need for start up costs, help plan for projected fluctuations in income, and help business owners stay within their set financial limits. It is also an invaluable tool if you are thinking of expanding your business or moving in a new direction.

Cash flow reports typically reflect a monthly period, but you can make them for any time frame relevant to your business. You may choose to update your forecast more frequently during a large project or during a period when you predict that money will be tight. Some business owners find that weekly or even daily reports are useful during certain phases of their operations.

To create a successful cash flow forecast, the first step is to gather data about your business income and outgoing in expenses all in one place. The following tips will help you set up an initial cash flow forecast and create a tracking system that becomes more accurate with time.

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